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  • Writer's pictureJoyce Kyeyune Tonda

Case Studies: A Critical Resource Builder for Non-Profits

Global economic uncertainty has triggered tightened spending across the board; shifting donor focus to funding only measurable priority areas. Non-profits can take advantage of this need-to-justify to pitch their work more effectively through project or programme case studies that will attract more funding.

Man and woman looking at data on computer from DC Studio (Freepik)

What are case studies?

Case studies are a form of storytelling with emphasis on rigorous field evidence from multiple stakeholders, in-depth analysis and framing of critical learning.

Why is this an opportunity of a lifetime for nonprofits?

  1. Tells a compelling story: Case studies allow for long-form narrative where documenters can describe interventions in meaningful detail and highlight challenges that can be addressed by more funding.

  2. Offers proof: Case studies provide evidence and builds credibility around the efficacy of the interventions and justifying the need for funding for scale-up.

  3. Showcases what worked and why: Key learning and best practices are documented laying the foundation for follow-on projects and establishing your organisation as a thought-leader in that field.

  4. Demonstrates your value: Effective documenters are considered competent, they provide a regular cache of case studies positions your organisation as a performer and partner of choice.

Documenting case studies positions you as a higher calibre intentional organization – the more good things people hear about you, the more they are attracted to you. Success is attractive.

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