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4 Ways to Show Project Impact with Your Case Studies

Many project close-out events fall flat with unmemorable impressions of project achievements because the focus is on simply generating paper, paper and more paper – stuffed (and soon forgotten) in participant folders.

Man making a presentation from DC Studio (Freepik)

Here's how to do it right

Case studies are living examples of what you did, how you overcame the challenges and the important results all of which continue to grow organically after project close. To create oomph at your next event, optimize your case studies in these four interesting ways:

  1. Only the highlights: Create a Power Point highlighting your case study – a timeline infographic is a great way to break up dense content.

  2. Be inclusive: Select 3 to 4 stakeholders (beneficiaries and implementers) to be physically present and describe the case study timeline the challenges, modifications, achievements and learnings.

  3. Tell your story: Tell a photo story on giant boards with snippets and high-quality photos from the project and position someone to discuss that aspect of the case study.

  4. Be concise and get straight to the point: Break up long narratives into short summaries that share the important information. For example, extract only key learnings from the case study and present them on learning posters.

Pro tip: You can use Adobe Express to showcase your case study in the different horizontal scrolls.

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