Forward Thinking

We want to improve project documentation across the board. What we know enables informed actions that transform lives. However development partners (NGOs, government agencies, donor agencies) today are painfully aware that quality knowledge is not being captured. The failure to effectively capture data and transform it into information results in the loss of knowledge assets.


What is even more frightening is that models, approaches and best practices that have been proven to work are not being effectively documented or shared laterally among organizations. This results in duplication of resources, wastage and project delays as staff engage in a vicious cycle of re-discovery before the project takes off. Therefore, compromises in Knowledge Management will nullify impact and hinder funding. 

Anticipating future needs: Funding proposals

The Workplace Academy

Uganda ranked number 1 on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor in 2015, with 28.1% of Ugandans starting businesses. Youth unemployment in Uganda is also the highest in Africa estimated between 62-83%.

Youth and adults both need a sustainable solution that can empower them to contribute to income generation consistently. We believe we have part of that solution.


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The Knowledge Institute

In a highly competitive environment with limited donor funds, NGOs are more than ever required to manage knowledge effectively to drive learning and qualify for additional funding. However many development workers lack critical knowledge management skills to do this effectively and others need re-training in newer, contemporary methods. The Knowledge Institute addresses these challenges. 

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