Documentation & Communication 

"Effective communication and knowledge management is no longer a good thing to do—it’s the fulcrum for survival and relevance ." 

The Knowledge Management Company

  • Case studies

  • Success story documentation 

  • Field photography 

  • White papers

  • Field data collection

  • Annual Reports

  • Policy briefs

  • Report editing

  • Factsheets/ one-pagers

  • Projects briefs/profiles 

  • E-newsletters

  • Website content development

  • Audio-visual products (Photo books, video clips)

  • Project toolkits 

  • Power Point Presentations


How we do our work

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With each assignment, we contribute to positive change bringing excellent communication and documentation to enable our partners to reach their strategic audiences with the right message.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..”

The Bible

We believe that we all represent a unique element of the beautiful world around us and this spurs our creativity when we design. Every piece of work is an opportunity for us to reflect your organization's special contribution to humanity.